sábado, octubre 06, 2012

Tumblr is Down ;___;

Yes, I know a lot of you suffer the same as I do! Or maybe I'm exaggerating! I wanted to keep looking for inspiring images, but then the scheduled maintenance came up and.. ugh ;___;

So anyways... I went to get paper and a pencil and then... this came out!

I know it's just an sketch... but I like it! It came out pretty good to have done it in just a few minutes, didn't it? I plan now to make it with some color, maybe I'll ask someone to do it for me on PS or something... I want to have a big huge poster of this, for my new room decor... It's supposed to be me, it was just this idea that came to me, it might not be a "new" and fresh one... but I still love it... I just don't know, if I should have in bright colors or pastel tones?
My room is light blue/green [I just don't know how to call this color]
I want to have an unique room, I mean I've never had the chance to decor any of my past rooms...
Well I'll talk about that in another post...

NOW! I'm so anxious! I don't know if I'll be able to sleep... BIGBANG tickets go on sale in a few hours... I just don't want to lose the opportunity to have one! ;___; Oh Gosh I'm so nervous... Wish me luck! This VIP is desperate!
I just wanna see his sexy body moving~!!

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