domingo, abril 28, 2013

Cosplay Party!

Yesterday we went to a party, few [yeah right] minutes away from home, it was cosplay themed and there was even a DJ that played some kpop, jpop, electro, trance.. blablabla..

There were a lot of people in there and most of them were wearing cosplay, except for a few like ourselves~ I met my friends and even if my own sister didn't want to dance with me I didn't give a damn xD and I just started dancing by myself... it migh sound "foreveralone" but I like dancing!

I got the chance to use my extensions! And I couldn't do anything to extraordinary with my hair, because... I have no layers in :c

Then... as lame as it sounds, we tried to use kind of the same coord, of course she is waaaaaaaay thiner and it doesn't look as bad as I do xDDD Oh well.. still loved how we looked~

Then there's derpy-yellow-faced me c:

That Flash was waaaaaaay to bright!                                     And the light too yellow...                      

Le me dancing with Panda :3

Puppy cheeks xD

xD cute~

And we didn't take any more pictures, I was supposed to film a video, but I ran out of time :c

I have to go for now~ Hope you have a great week!

bye bye!

viernes, abril 26, 2013

Badass attempt [Useless picture spam]

I just had this idea of using my hair extensions for something... since they don't look good if I let my hair down.. [lack of layers] I had lots of time on hands... I was supposed to do my sister's makeup but she backed out on me e.e pussy 
So even if I was the only one motivated... I think it came out fine... I got some good critiques and a lot of people liked my look, so I'm pretty happy! I won't stop working on it!

Tuve la gran idea de usar mis extensiones de cabello para algo, ya que con el pelo suelto no se ven muy bien [me falta tener capas] tuve mucho tiempo en mis manos... Y se suponía que haría el maquillaje de mi hermana, pero se retracto! e_e pussy!
Aunque era la única motivada... creo que todo salio bien... Me dieron buenas criticas y muchas personas me dijeron que les había gustado mi look, así que.. Estoy muy feliz! Y no dejare de trabajar en ello!

Now my spam of awkward looking pictures!

Y ahora mi spam de fotos incomodas!

By the way.. to be a gyaru you don't have to be photogenic! It's more about style than about modeling! and... as long as you feel good... you'll be okay~

Por cierto... para ser gyaru no hace falta ser fotogenica! Es mas sobre el estilo personal que de el saber modelar! Y... con que te sientas cómoda, estarás bien!

And the overall outfit.. I know I'm chubby :3 but I kindda feel good right now! Good enough to wear shorts~
Y este es el conjunto... Se que soy llenita xD but me siento bien en estos momentos! Lo suficientemente bien como para ponerme shorts~

Among the suggestions I got to improve... I am considering all of them, I gues I need to make everything cleaner.

Entre las sugerencias que recibir para mejorar... estoy considerándolas todas, creo que mas que nada tengo que hacer mi maquillaje aun mas limpio y parejo.

That's it for now!

Esto es todo por hoy!

miércoles, abril 24, 2013

Compras y un rato en la playa

Hey! Mis últimos dos post estuvieron en ingles, así que ahora me dieron ganas de hacer uno en español...

El día de ayer salimos a ver algunas tiendas de concesiones y de segunda mano, no tuve tanta suerte como pensé que tendría pero al menos compre dos cosas que si estaba buscando:

Un bolso negro para que vaya con todo...

Una chamarrita con botones dorados, para esos momentos en los que deba cubrirme(?) [No es novedad que todo acabe siendo negro]

El dia de hoy hubo buen clima, y después de ir a almorzar con mi hermanito a su escuela, no tardamos en dirigirnos a la playa...

Mi outfit del dia... a pesar de estar bastante fuera de forma me sentí cómoda.. creo que eso es lo que importa..

Eso es todo por ahora~

bye bye

martes, abril 23, 2013

New York Part 2 [Pic heavy]

For the second day we headed towards Times Square, it was like the high point of my trip! I loved the screens, the lights and overall the stores!

We walked all the way from the subway station on "Fashion Avenue" we stoped to get some coffee  and then when we finally got there I was filming all I could [later on I'll post the videos]
The Believe it or Not Ripley's Odditorium

San Rio -didn't get to stop there :( -

Alysha and me 

Toys R Us... I was impresed the ferris wheel was pretty cute, it had different themed karts

My fav one was the "Nickelodeon" themed one!

Then inside the toy store there was a little Wonka shop... I am not much into eating candy so I got a lip smaker with Nerds flavor

Inside the Disney Store

Rockefeller Plaza

I loved the shops around the plaza! The're so many awesome boutiques...

Then we got  to Central Park... [bad looking Kiwii here]

I just fell in love with the buildings!

Of course I had to take a picture of this...

and then... I don't know xD

after all of that we went back to China Town, because we wanted to see some more stores inside Elizabeth Center... in my way there I saw a guy selling comics on the street... So I went to see it they had any Wonder Woman's... and they did.. I wanted some old school stuff but my dad told me to get the "newer" issues... -And I did e.e -

Maybe a new collection coming up? I am a total newbie.. but since I am considering on doing a Wonder Woman cosplay...

After we bought some stuff on the mall, we went to get some bubble tea [My sister's first time trying it]
I got the purple one and she got the black tea one with pudding... I love bubble tea, but drinking more than one cup can be a little too overwhelming e.e 

Some Italian for dinner! I loved it... "Farfalle al Salmone" [and of course I couldn't pronounce it right...]

And here my purchases from that day:
Marie from the Disney Store! [I loooooooooooove Marie *v*]

The flash f**ked up the picture... Nerds lip balm from Wonka, Arale Key chain from Elizabeth Center as well as the Rilakkuma dust plug and the Panda  charm..

The day after that, it was time to go home.. but before that we went to... 


It was only a few minutes away from the hotel, so we decided to go after all.. They changed the facade, it must be annoying to get lots of visits [like me and my family loool]
I still wander who would want to live in a house like that? 

I guess that's it.. hope you enjoyed my pictures!

Next post are going to be normal and boring.. xDD -Back to normal-

Bye bye!

sábado, abril 20, 2013

New York Trip Part 1 [lots of pictures]

I had a busy week! First my sister's visit and then on Thursday we headed up to NY, we stayed on Long Island [somewhere near Amityiville]... We were reeaaaaly tired because of the 9 hour drive, so we decided to get some dinner and call it a day.

[a bad shot of the Verrazano bridge]

The next day we got up to take the train all the way down to the city, then we got on the subway to "Canal Street" to start walking into China Town. There were a lot of gift shops, Chinese restaurants and massage places....
I was looking for Elizabeth Center to buy some cosmetics and "cute" things but most of the stores were closed... I found a "purikura" place, but it was pricey... [28 dollars!!!] -_- So we decided to get some food, we were pretty hungry... [At least my dad was] and right when we started walking....

The Face Shop! We got to the discussion [my sister and me] on whether it was Kim Hyun Joong or not... [It didn't look like him to me xD at first]

So after lunch we came back to shop!
Lips and Cheeks tint :3

It's box was reaaaally cute 

Some clay for black heads, it's pretty strong I actually loved it!

Then we walked towards Little Italy and I got a bag and a post card for my grandma:

We got all the way to the "World Trade Center and into the 9/11 memorial

but in pur way there were a lot of buildings that I loved:

Little Italy

Giant crabs on a Chinese food restaurant.... [creeeeepy e.e ]

An on the memorial...

One of the two pools...

The New World Trade Center under construction.

I got the chills when I got to read some of the names.. IDK why...

St. Michel's Church.

After seeing the memorial we went all the way to Battery Park [I felt like my feet were on fire ;3; ]

The Statue of Liberty...

Then all the way to the Empire State Building... but before...

New York Style pizza.

Empire State, I loved the building!

Kind of pricey but so worth it!

The view

High... really high... on the 34th floor

and over all, even if the weather was nice... the wind up there was just nuts...

I'll just stop here with this post, later on I'll edit the videos I took and then I'll post the second part of my visit!

Hope you liked it!

Bye bye!