domingo, abril 28, 2013

Cosplay Party!

Yesterday we went to a party, few [yeah right] minutes away from home, it was cosplay themed and there was even a DJ that played some kpop, jpop, electro, trance.. blablabla..

There were a lot of people in there and most of them were wearing cosplay, except for a few like ourselves~ I met my friends and even if my own sister didn't want to dance with me I didn't give a damn xD and I just started dancing by myself... it migh sound "foreveralone" but I like dancing!

I got the chance to use my extensions! And I couldn't do anything to extraordinary with my hair, because... I have no layers in :c

Then... as lame as it sounds, we tried to use kind of the same coord, of course she is waaaaaaaay thiner and it doesn't look as bad as I do xDDD Oh well.. still loved how we looked~

Then there's derpy-yellow-faced me c:

That Flash was waaaaaaay to bright!                                     And the light too yellow...                      

Le me dancing with Panda :3

Puppy cheeks xD

xD cute~

And we didn't take any more pictures, I was supposed to film a video, but I ran out of time :c

I have to go for now~ Hope you have a great week!

bye bye!

4 comentarios:

  1. *w* cada vez estás más guapa Kiwiii!!! <3 y me encanta el tono que llevas en las cejas! *O* cómo te las arreglas????

    Un besin guapa! <3

    1. *A* haha gracias <3 sobre las cejas; primero las decoloro con tinte del cabello [se que no debe hacerse pero hay que tomar riesgos xD] y luego como quedan algo rubias uso un lápiz de cejas café y lo paso varias veces xD luego con el cepillito lo difumino, a veces uso sombras también :3

      Gracias por leerme *u*

  2. Nice coord! You don't need layers if you can volumize your hair. I think it looks nice. (: Maybe work on teasing it a bit more?
    The party sounds like fun! I would've danced with you, haha : D

    1. Maybe with a better teasing technique? I'll have to work on it :)!

      It was fun :( too bad we don't live close </3