jueves, enero 17, 2013

Becoming a gyaru, not an easy task щ(ಥДಥщ)

For a long time I've been trying, but it seems like I haven't tried hard enough....

Let's start from the reason that explains why I do want to become one:

Confidence. You may say that I don't need to become one in order to be confident, but I see it like this;
the more I feel happy about how I look, express myself and accomplish what I want... there comes in return a new me with better self-steam.

I used to be pretty insecure I'm still a little, but before I started to work on my self appearance I didn't believe in me at all, I was someone that wasn't willing to look up as I do now... I had a couple of tough teenage years, I felt ugly and unwanted, I didn't have many friends nor I wanted to have any.

Okay, I might be talking to much about the past, I just want to be willing to grow in the style. I now it might be so hard por a person like me, but I'll try until I am happy with the result... it doesn't matter if I end up with more bullying yes, I consider some of the GS bullying,  that might be something I need, there's so many rude people in this world... well I want to show that even with pretty nasty critiques I can pull it off.

I need improvement in so many aspects of the style, and I am aware of every single one of them, but know I have a "coach" someone that it's already in the whole aspect of the style. She volunteered to make me into a shining diamond(?) xD wth and I know a support of this kind it's going to make myself work even harder.

An then finally when I just needed, I found a new at least to me  "gyaru role model":

I actually just found out about her yesterday, so I can't say much about her:

It's Wakapikumin, she seems pretty crazy on her style... I just fell in love with her!
You see, she has a little of harajuku in her I don't know but I love so much the funky harajuku , because it's about being yourself and following no rules:

I guess that's it for now~

Bye bye!

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