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Life update: New Hair Cut & more random stuff ♫

♫♥Nota: Esta entrada esta en Inglés (por si no lo notaron puahahahaha)♥ ♫

Today another life diary entry, nothing too exciting I guess? I am starting to post in English, just because I want to reach out to more gals and meet more people all around the glove ♥ (that and... I want to practice my English, my grammar is horrible;;;)

First of all, as always, I have to adress school. My grades are fine and I'm not that stressed out, which, is weird because I have three projects for three different classes coming up.

I'm doing a research on Japanese geisha and it has to be 5 to 6 pages long. The fact that is that long scares me a lot, but thankfully I have my dad and his girlfriend to help me revise it ;3;♥ The other essay is analithical and the third one is a speech about something controversial.


Now let's move on to something less boring and more gyaru and fashion related(?)

I got a haircut! I know it's nothing extreme, but I feel much better and I can see myself styling it! (Maybe some sujimori attempts coming up?)

(Hummm... I am not as "big" as I thought I was lol but those glasses are dorky)
I also got some hair extensions, hopefully they arrive soon ♥

I guess I took this gyaru thing really seriously... I really feel like I'm heading there (attitude wise)... I want to have fun and be part of the community. I just want to keep being myself and not to get absorved by something I'm not, I want to keep my ideals... I guess gyaru is about that, not just being another copy, even if you are wearing the same thing, I think you should keep being an individual as well. 

And then... yesterday was makeup practice ~(♥A♥~)


What I did differently?
♫I went back to my contour pallette, so the nose contour is much smoother and cleaner.
♫I used darker brown eyeshadow and that helped with extending my eyeshape a little.
♫I added two pairs of lashes on top to get a more dramatic look.

What can I improve on?
♥Eyeliner, it is @#$#%$^% hard to apply when you have bad lighting and with out a felt tip.
♥Lashes... even if the top ones where fine, I didn't realize (until my mentor pointed out lol) that I had different sizes on the lower ones *facepalm*

Overall I feel happy and I thank everyone for their support and good wishes in my journey ;3; it means the world to me!

And I guess that's it for now, I'm pretty sure I'll come back soon with more updates ♥

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