viernes, diciembre 21, 2012

My new year's list [personal]

Here's one of the last post I'll be doing for this year. It's funny, most people worried about the world's ending  today... I'm still waiting for something to happen LOL... I can just say, it's pretty cold outside, I'm not used to COLD COLD winters. I just want to stay in bed all day ;___; 

So anyways, today I was thinking on writing something random [I always do!]  I had in mind what would be my "New Year's  resolutions". I guess I have to make a simple list:

*Be more confident with myself.
*Improve my way of taking things that happen.
*Avoid complaining and whining about everything
*Look for the brighter side, even if what happens to me is pretty painful.
*Take experience and learn from it, use it in my advantage.
*Be more active [work out/some extra physical activity].
*Commit to new projects on my life.
*Be a little more open minded when it comes to new people.
*Be a little more outgoing.

Other things I want to do:

*Try to improve my hair and makeup, as well as my style; I know I still have a long path ahead, but I want to be better at what  I love... Hopefully my career will help me with that~

So here's where I'm at right now, I'm tonning down the makeup and learning once again little by little, becase I'm still thinking if it would be a good idea to enter completly the gyaru life style... I mean, I don't know if it's something for me yet.

I want to stand out, I feel like I'm an average person... there's not much eyecatching things about me. I don't mean it in a tacky extravagant way, I wanna be pretty and cool at the same time.

No lashes, untill I manage to get a pretty decent eyemake and face contour

That's it for now, I'll see you around! 

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