jueves, diciembre 27, 2012


Lets do a quick update, this is my Christmas stuff; at least some of it the rest is still on its way...

Here's what I got, some stuff I bought it just today, and some other items are from my dad and family:

This booties are from Wet Seal... I always wanted a pair like this and I decided to get them in caramel color because I need something other than black...

*Top, skirt, head bands, nail polish, labret pieces, hair dye from Hot Topic
*Some of the bracelets, the pony and the necklace are from different dollar stores xD
*Zebra tray, water color and acrilic paints were from relatives
*Camera and Japanese program were from my dad *_*
I also got some stuff from my mom, but she will be sending it to me when my sister comes over to visit. I still have to wait for some stuff to arrive, but overall it was a good Christmas. I'm super happy! I got everything I needed and every single thing is going to be useful!

And then... today's look!

That's it! 
See you guys later on!


2 comentarios:

  1. esas botasss *___* <3 y la cosita de Marie con zebra xDD!! awww que bueno que reciviste muchos regalos *m* <3!! y me encanto tu outfitt!
    Cuidate *3* <3

    1. Si, las botas *O* no soy persona de tacones... pero me gustaron mucho~ haha gracias :3 <3