miércoles, diciembre 05, 2012

Update: Say hello to December!

Today I just wanted to come by and spend some time writing for my readers, I haven't done much... If you count shopping and applying for jobs, and crafting as always.
I had a couple of tough days, I wasn't on the mood for anything, so I just spent some of my time reading manga.

Two weeks ago I went thrift shopping and got some cool stuff... I thought it might be good to share what I got.

First of all, some snaps of my outfit for that day: 
Necklace made by me

My make, I think I'm improving a little. *DERP*

The overall outfit.
 On to what I got:
I got this from Pastry, I found them for $5

I got this really cute purse, I love it! I just don't know what would be a good coord for it, since all my clothing is mostly rock-ish u_u

And I got this hat, and I also don't have a clue on what goes with it!

I also got 2 pairs of tights; I'll show them later on~ I think tights are becoming a staple on my wardrobe... I also bought two pairs of tattoo tights online *O* I'm waiting for them to arrive on January~
I hope they fit, I'm too chubby! 

And before I go, I'll show you my latest DIY that I'm working on:
I still don't know what to do with it, I was thinking on making it a crop top -Still too chubby for that-

that's it for today! [Lo siento por los que me leen en espaniol, hoy no tenia ganas de escribir en los dos idiomas~ les dejo este vídeo en compensación :) 8D VIDEO ]

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