domingo, marzo 31, 2013

ODU MiniCon

This Saturday I went to the ODU MiniCon on ODU's Webb Center [Student center]...
I had a pretty good time, and I loved the campus [I sooooooooo wanna study there].

The "Con" itself was pretty small, but in spite of that I managed to go to a few panels; like the "doki doki speed dating" and "manime" weird names

The weather was nice, so we didn't freeze to dead, we went outside for a while to walk around.

I didn't take many pictures, because I was to busy having fun and walking around... I guess it's a great experience for starters [I've never been to a big convention myself] so this year I will totally try to join NekoCon and AUSA!

I am super happy I'm starting to meet new people, I don't feel awkward or shy like I used to, so it's good that I'm finally stepping outside my "cave" =w=  I hope in the future I get to be louder [just a bit more] and confident.

Enough of the blabla~ Let's move on to the only pics I took:

Weird selca, still want to work on my general makeup, I want to be able to look gyaru even if I don't use CL all the time.

I tried a lot of things on, and well I decided to wear fat pants something comfy instead.

restroom pic xD

I look sooooo derpy xDD and I really did a shitty bad eye make... 

I just don't know how I did my hair...

Okay and this is the only picture I took of someone other than me... The cute lolita guys I hang out with~ [I just randomly took it] 

I guess that's it for now, I hope we plan more events soon!

bye bye!

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