sábado, abril 20, 2013

New York Trip Part 1 [lots of pictures]

I had a busy week! First my sister's visit and then on Thursday we headed up to NY, we stayed on Long Island [somewhere near Amityiville]... We were reeaaaaly tired because of the 9 hour drive, so we decided to get some dinner and call it a day.

[a bad shot of the Verrazano bridge]

The next day we got up to take the train all the way down to the city, then we got on the subway to "Canal Street" to start walking into China Town. There were a lot of gift shops, Chinese restaurants and massage places....
I was looking for Elizabeth Center to buy some cosmetics and "cute" things but most of the stores were closed... I found a "purikura" place, but it was pricey... [28 dollars!!!] -_- So we decided to get some food, we were pretty hungry... [At least my dad was] and right when we started walking....

The Face Shop! We got to the discussion [my sister and me] on whether it was Kim Hyun Joong or not... [It didn't look like him to me xD at first]

So after lunch we came back to shop!
Lips and Cheeks tint :3

It's box was reaaaally cute 

Some clay for black heads, it's pretty strong I actually loved it!

Then we walked towards Little Italy and I got a bag and a post card for my grandma:

We got all the way to the "World Trade Center and into the 9/11 memorial

but in pur way there were a lot of buildings that I loved:

Little Italy

Giant crabs on a Chinese food restaurant.... [creeeeepy e.e ]

An on the memorial...

One of the two pools...

The New World Trade Center under construction.

I got the chills when I got to read some of the names.. IDK why...

St. Michel's Church.

After seeing the memorial we went all the way to Battery Park [I felt like my feet were on fire ;3; ]

The Statue of Liberty...

Then all the way to the Empire State Building... but before...

New York Style pizza.

Empire State, I loved the building!

Kind of pricey but so worth it!

The view

High... really high... on the 34th floor

and over all, even if the weather was nice... the wind up there was just nuts...

I'll just stop here with this post, later on I'll edit the videos I took and then I'll post the second part of my visit!

Hope you liked it!

Bye bye!

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  1. waaaaaaaa!! todo están increible! , me alegra ele cho de que compartas un lugar tan lejos de aquí *-* me imagino lo grandioso que esta a través de laa imagenes *-* , pórtate bien xDD haha.

  2. Looks like fun. I have yet to go there.
    And WTF $28 for purikura???? The most expensive one here Is $10.

    1. It's kindda hard to find purikura in where I live so I tried to look for a place up there... but we decided it was to pricey at the end... Still NYC was a fun place to go to *v*