martes, abril 02, 2013

March summary and upcoming things on April

Here's how far I've come with my gyaru makeup, I do think I have improved.. I guess everything it's about really committing, I just wish I could commit to other things as well like losing weight.
I know my eye make it's not perfect, but I'm taking baby steps and now I'm moving on to my nose contour.

March was still a cold month so I didn't get to experiment a lot with my outfits, besides I gained weight and now I have to work on it! *sigh* that's the hardest part ever ;3;!
I hate letting myself go so much, but now for real I'll do something about it...
I went to WalMart to get some stuff and when we were about to get in line I stopped at the "sports&fitness" section... 

It's not a lot, but I guess it's a big step to even think about doing exercise... Yes, I'm lazy as f**k and I am now trying to kick my own butt and do something about it.... I have no physical strenght, so "jump rope" sounds like fun... it's a great cardio and I'll get to work on my arms. I have a goal for this month, there's going to be a cosplay/japanese fashion party on the 27th and I was thinking on going dressed up as a "manba"... and I always relate that style with summer clothing... I want to be a little bit more toned to be able to use that style....

I also have another goal: 
A driver's license! I really really reaaaaaaaaaaally need it... and I'm getting better at my driving... i think~

This was a short update I guess... I just want it to be 16th already... my sister is coming to visit us for two weeks!

Now time to go!

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