domingo, abril 14, 2013

Really lazy weekend + Ameri-Gyaru~

I recently joined a facebook group named "Ameri-Gyaru" I'm glad I did, I really want to meet more people on the US that likes gyaru as much as I do, So far everyone has been nice! And there's some pretty cool gals in there! The whole point of the group it's to find people near to your area, so feel welcomed to join if you are into gyaru and if you live either in the US or Canada.

This last week I didn't get to do much, for Saturday I was baby-sitting for a family friend, and I kindda enjoyed watching kid's shows... I don't know why... but, I liked Pocoyo a lot... Even if some of the shows were too lame.

And now I'm super excited! This week my sister gets here, and we are going to do lots of fun stuff! We are going to NYC! I've never been to NYC ;_; last time we went up there... we stayed in Newark, because the Super Storm was like a week before the concert... Not a good idea to visit with a lot of chaos...

And I did a quick trip to Wal Mart Today... I only dressed up because we went for lunch after wards... but my cellphone it's misbehaving and I only got to take one stupid photo

I don't know what I was trying to do.. so it came out like a big pout face... I forgot my lower lashes ;___; I was in a hurry!

So I decided to let my bangs grow, I do want to try something a little bit more "mature" ... My sister is going to bring me back my extensions and... I decided to dye my hair black.. Since I loved my wig, but I can't use it much because I get headaches

I think it will look good on me, since my face it's a little chubby~

And here's my Wal Mart mini haul:

This is the only top I tried on, so I do like how it fits me :)

I also got this face primer an eyebrow pencil and some hair dye~

I don't like how this one looks on me, so I'll use it as a lazy/pajama thing...

Shorts! I really needed these, is a must for this spring/summer... I liked how they looked on me~

Another lazy/pajama t-shirt

I want more tops for this summer, but I have to try them on before buying... I'm pretty self conscious on how some things fit me~ 

I still need to find outfits for my trip *-*! Hopefully it's not pretty cold up there for this weekend.

And before I forget, I loved PSY's Gentleman! I just think it's going to be a big hit again.... I'm not sorry I'm too YG biased

and that's it for now...

Bye byes!

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