lunes, abril 08, 2013

My Weekend + new youtube channel

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I thought that having to posts the same day it's too much, so since I can't sleep and I'm watching a movie I'll just post this today 8D

Saturday I really wanted to try out my new pair of CL, I really loved them! And I decided to go for the whole make [even if I wasn't going to go anywhere special] I took a trip with my dad a few miles south to North Carolina, even if it's not far from where I live, it looked more country-like... [And I don't have pictures because I was driving xD ] I just dressed up with no much effort, it wasn't warm enough for me to wear the skirt I planed....

So on with my Saturday selcas:
Still can't make the eye liner to look even in both eyes xDD I'm a mess!

Derpy closeups

I liked the outfit, I think it makes me appear slimmer.. so that's a good thing, I tried sujimori.. but  it was a total failure, my hair has no layers~ Still I think it came out nice. [WTF with my brow on the 1st picture xD]
Jacket: Guess
Shirt: ....?
Jeans: DIY by me
Shoes: F21

On Sunday I went to Mount Trashmore Park, there was a "picnic" and people took pictures. I got my pictures taken too, even if I don't feel comfortable with someone else taking my pictures, I tend to be pretty awkward *sigh*.... 
It was so f***ing windy, and even if the sun was nice........ my hair... my hair just did it's thing(?)
My makeup was a mess to, I just didn't feel like putting much effort on it. Even if I looked as hell, I did enjoy going out, I ate some red velvet cupcakes and potato chips [I did wrong! ;3; ]

anyways, I tried to film and take more pictures, but the wind took my mood away~

craaaaaaaaaaaaaapy makeup, even the lashes didn't want to stay in place -_-

This picture belongs to the LJPhotos [I might go get more pictures done] He's a photographer that works con conventions and oh well... he has some experience with cosplay and weird things [like me] maybe next time I'll be less awkward...

Even if I hated my hair, I loved my outfit... I think it was pretty nice! [And I don't tend to brag about anything]

Sweater: The limite
Top: Hot Topic
Skirt: Ninfa
Shoes: Pastry

Stolen picture xD

An there's more!

I just made a youtube channel in English, since I live in the US now... I just thought it would be a good idea, so please take a minute or two to watch my intro 8D and maybe subscribe?

I guess that's it, have a great monday!

Bye bye!

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