viernes, enero 10, 2014

Maybe useless photospam: noticible improvement.


I felt like practicing a little last night, since I always look for an excuse to do my makeup and I hardly get a chance to do the full rutine... this time  I did it just to take some selcas and I actually enjoyed the results... besides my camera seems to love me because for some reason I do admit I like how I look! XD I sometimes fin myself looking at my own pictures to find mistakes and details that I am pretty sure no one else would notice;;;

I am starting to get tired of the black hair look... I think I need a new wig .v. maybe later, when I save enough and when I actually find a nice model.

My frindge is such a mess;; and it's because I pulled it back for work... I just hope it grows quick so I can fix it ;w;

I don't like using the flash... it makes me look too light skinned and it washes out some important fitures of my make;;;

A closeup... I know it's impossible to make both eyes to look the same~
I love this lenses, they are so comfy *A*♥ and I like that there's no need for lower lashes~

This was taken with my phone... I have a big nose;;; but I wouldn't chance it!

Some playing arround with my fav app~

And some gifs..

♥Have to go, I'm fixing my stuff for school :3 

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