domingo, junio 16, 2013

Outfits and stuff

I don't have much to say, this pictures are from one of my all night days... Those days were you can't rest until you do what you have in mind.

I want to improve my belt... I need more chains and things to hang on it.

This one was dia/kuro inspired...
Not saying it is.. xD I just liked the black/leopard/golden combo... I am thinking on getting some long black boots~

Nothins special, something leaning on the comfy side~

And my makeup of that day... not the best xD but still I think I managed to look "okay" with it... Since I had to do it all over again because I didn't like how it came out at first.

Someone said I look like anonymus -_- [lol i kindda do]

I really enjoy gyaru, no matter how many people tell me to stop trying.. I really do love it, I feel proud of how far I have come from back in January when I started... I wish to improve more with time and I won't quit.. I don't care if they say the community is nasty and things like that... I am here because I all this for myself... 

So to all the people out there, afraid of trying... Don't do it for them, don't do it to be "popular" or to get people to like you... Just do it to feel good and to express your uniqueness...

Hahaha I'll stop now before I become too cheesy~

I'm sleepy, bye bye for now!

Para los que me leen en español:
Mi siguiente entrada sera en español! Les prometí subir la dieta que estoy haciendo, pero me daba algo de flojera traducirla y estoy en eso!!

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