domingo, junio 30, 2013

Weekend+minihaul [Pic heavy]

Just some updates on what's going on lately.

xD My make it's a failure... I don't know what's going on lately... but anyways I felt like practicing some things I learned on photoshop, like making gifs.

I was trying to look for a way to use some pieces I haven't been able to wear yet.

I'm making an outfit collection video, I'll upload it once I have enough of them.

I tried my extensions, I do feel like I have to cut some layers on... But I'm still not ready for it.

I feel kind of sad because I didn't lose what I intended.
So now I have to try something different, maybe what I should have done from the beggining. The good thing it's that I am commiting to do it, I found a healthy/balanced diet and it's not going to kill me or torture me like the one I did before.

I also have to start getting organized for college, the placement exams have to be taken before Agoust, So I have about a month to sign up. I decided to start with a calendar and a planner, I went to look for one but they only had One Direction stuff e.e and no regular agendas. I know I have a lot of apps in my phone, but it's easier for me to write and see it in a paper. 

Some cute colored Sharpies! I love them, and I want to get more colors and kinds!!

I finally got a camera base, now I can work in a better face angle and without having to hold the camera in strange places... I just wish it could work on my phone :c

another derpy gif of myself.

And this is one of the reasons I don't wear "natural" makeup... 

I am driving up to DC [or somewhere around there] for the 3rd and spending the night there, I am going to enjoy with good food. And then the 4th! Oh God! Okay.. I'll sure take care of myself after that, before I brake the scale.

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