viernes, julio 05, 2013

4th of July "Don't Give Up The Ship" [Lots of pics]

Today I came to talk about how I spent my fourth of July and the day before that. I went up to Anapolis Maryland on the 3rd. My dad's friend it's in the Navy as well, so we went to visit him and he showed us around the Naval Academy.

Me and my awkward poses...

The shoes I wore.

My coord of that day, I decided not to use gyaru... because it was super hot and I didn't have much time to do so... and also I didn't feel like it.

The Chapel.

My dad in khaki and his friend in white.

Me and my dad inside the auditorium.

[This image does not belong to me]

The buildings in that place are... stunning! I loved the tour, they have John Paul Jones' crypt under the chapel, the chapel itself was pretty cool looking, I'm not a religious person, but I enjoy looking at buildings. It has really humid but overall it was an awesome experience and I'm sure my dad loved the place. We got to see some part of the museum and one thing cought my attention. There were a  baners with the "Don't Give up The Ship" quote, one of them was in the museum and the other one in a special hall dedicated to the students who had died in action.

The straps in my shoes ended up cutting me, so we went to the hotel to get changed and then back to a little party they prepared at our friend's house.

Then on the fourth we had to come back home, it was a 4 hour drive and we were super tired, but I'm glad I got to see DC from the bridge. when we got home we took a nap, and after that we headed for our cookout at a friend's. 

Another non gyaru thing, we were running late and I was still sleepy, I was planning on doing gyaru but at the end I just did a simple make.

There was a Cornhole game? I actually have played once on a family gathering... but it's well known on this side of the country... [I never knew what was the name of this thing]
I also ignored that the game had rules and that you also score points...

I felt like a freak taking pictures of food, so I just snicked into the kitchen just to take one of this cheescake, it was pretty good! I love mint plavored things and it had oreo cookie crust as well!

A cute picture, I guess? Just my face out of sight it's good... 

After good food, and a good time we went to the front to see some fireworks, maybe next year I'll beg my dad to do a gathering or picnic in the beach or in a park. 

I guess that's it for today, I have to find something to do today, besides being on the computer all day..

Thanks for reading! 

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