jueves, julio 11, 2013

A rainy day and some inspirational things

I have been in not a good mood lately, but yesterday I came across some tumblr blogs that cheered me up a little bit. I have been thinking that I should start focussing on rokku and "alternative" styles mixed with gyaru. 

I find some pictures of gaijin gyaru pretty inspiring, and I hope I get to improve.

An eye make I'm willing to try out some time...

Love the hair color, and the eyemake~

I just love face-masks... and that hair color is pretty.

I plan on getting a haircut this weekend, I think it's about time to do something with my hair... and maybe if I find the right things, I'll try to bring back de Blue/green that I used to have last year.

[This one was made with a photo editor]

I love that color, and I know I feel more comfortable with it.

I'll start making coords, I also have been avoiding makeup for a while now... [not really but it feels like forever]

Today I went to do the "road test" for my driver's license, and it started raining while I was waiting for my name to be called... and of course I had to do it in the middle of the storm. I passed! 
Now I'll have more responsabilities for surebut it's way better than waiting for my dad to drive me every time I wanted to go to a meeting.

I have a new "to do" list:

*Prepare for placement college exams.
*Take exams.
*Find a job.
*Join the gym.
I guess this is what "adulthood" is all about...

At least I have the motivation to do so, and I don't know how.. but I want to succed in everything I commit to.

I got a planner, finally...
And of course I had to use my stickers on it.

And I'm also starting to clip cupons~ I don't plan on being a crazy cupon lady, but at least I have to learn to save money. 

Being organized it's not an easy task for me, I have always being a messy person...
I have lots of ideas, but it's hard for me to carry them out as I plan. 

But I'm sure everything will be just fine.

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